"Morgan is the rare instructor that works equally well with new and experienced players. You'll
do more than learn a few chords and scales - Morgan will help you grow as a musician, in a
way that suits YOUR style and YOUR goals. But most importantly, he's a genuine, passionate
teacher who truly cares about his students. I can't recommend him enough."  O. Ratner


"I've had a couple of guitar teachers and Morgan is by far the best.  He tailors every lesson to
the interests and needs of the student.  Not only is he a great guitar teacher, he's easily one
the best teachers I've had in any discipline."  - D. Carroll


  • Morgan is a great guitar teacher. I have taken lessons off and on since 1972. That's a long
    time. Each time the teacher would show me some dreaded "music theory". I always resisted
    and just went to "show me the me the licks." Guess what? Morgan got through
    to my hard head after all these years. His method of showing theory is reasonable and logical
    and I FINALLY got it!! Hooray!   The benefits of understanding the WHY behind the guitar and
    not just the HOW are ENORMOUS.   I Highly recommend Morgan.


  • "You motivate me to learn more and more.  Although the first weeks are the most difficult, you
    never allowed me to get discouraged.  You never treated me like a novice, in spite of the fact
    that I clearly am one.  You're very good at recognizing potential.  Thanks for introducing me to
    the world of music!"  - C. Parrish


"For several years I tried off and on to teach myself to play guitar with no results.  When I finally
decided to get serious about guitar, I contacted Morgan and in the short three months I've
been taking classes my progress has been off the charts!  His passion for music is
contagious and his musicianship and knowledge of the instrument and music theory is
incredible and valuable.  Morgan has opened up so much knowledge to me about music and
playing.  I REALLY do enjoy playing at home between classes and I really do look forward to
each class with him because I learn new things each week.  He's a professional yet warm
instructor. Morgan is able to make me feel at ease even when I struggle with a particular
song, and he quickly has me doing it correctly and thoroughly enjoying the learning
experience.  This was a great investment in myself!  Morgan, thanks for the gift of music! "  - R. 


"Just writing to let you know that not too long ago my band played our first biggish gig
(wedding reception)--around 130 people). It was a major success; seeing a packed dance
floor moving in unison was a sight to behold, and it wouldn't have happened without your
tutelage.  Taking guitar lessons with you really propelled my playing, and your instruction on
music theory has helped me as a band leader.  I just wanted to touch base and thank you for
doing what you do. I hope that you continue to inspire budding musicians and washed-up
basement players like myself!" - J Smith


"Any guitar instructor can teach you the basics of how to play the guitar.  Most guitar teachers
can tab out songs from the radio so that you may play along with your favorite artists. What
separates Morgan Henry from other guitar instructors is not his ability to teach you what notes
musicians are playing, but why they are playing them.  This is what makes Morgan so
special.  He was able to improve my technique, help me to develop my ear, but the biggest
gift he has shared with me is his immense knowledge of musical theory.   I can now hear a I-
IV-V progression when I hear a song on the radio.  I can hear when a chord has been
embellished, and I can even listen to my favorite recordings and transcribe the guitar parts
down to paper myself...And I understand WHY!" - V. Freda


"Morgan opens doors with every lesson.  You learn theory, rhythm, leads and concept without
even knowing you're getting all that in every lesson.  He is enthusiastic, patient and an
outstanding musician.  I would strongly recommend him to anyone that wants to learn how to
play.  Thanks, Morgan for everything you have taught me and for everything you will teach me
in the future.    - J. Rowles


"Morgan is the best guitar teacher I’ve ever had . . . and I’ve had quite a few.  He’s patient, 
supportive, but best of all he loves the guitar and his enthusiasm will make you love it, too."   – 
M. Berens

"  "

"Morgan Henry is exactly the kind of guitar teacher I was looking for.  He is extremely
knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and obviously loves what he is doing.  I came into my first
lesson as a complete beginner and was very surprised at how fast he had me playing songs
I wanted to play.  He takes time to learn the goals and interests of his students and tailors his
lessons specifically to meet their needs. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested
in learning the guitar." - J Duncan


"I have tried to learn how to play the guitar for 16 years.  Many people have tried to help me
along the way and they have even explained some of the theories behind it all.  After all of
these years, I still didn't know anything and couldn't play to save my life.  My fiancee knew how
much I wanted to learn to play and she found Morgan on the web.  After a short time, he had
me playing songs.   It was a miracle to hear songs come out of my guitar after carrying it
around for so many years.  He started by finding out what I knew and built from there. He
didn't assume anything.  He also helped me learn the music that I wanted to learn.  He is very
patient and can explain things verbally and on paper the way that I can understand.  I always
leave his lessons motivated to go home and practice something else that he has taught me.  
He builds on my previous lessons every time I go.  Thanks to my fiancee for finding Morgan
and thanks to Morgan for teaching me something that I will have forever." - K. Collins   


"Morgan's contagious passion and energy for guitar are only equaled by his guitar knowledge
and expertise. Combine that with his patient, flexible, and encouraging teaching style and
you've found yourself one outstanding guitar instructor."


"Morgan Henry's lessons are fun and at the same time productive.  His lessons have helped
me learn the basics and play with much more confidence.  My guitar playing has progressed
immensely due to the lessons and practice."  - M. Hood


"After a year of trying to find a decent bass teacher, we hit pay dirt when we found Morgan.  My
son has learned so much and loves working with Morgan.  He seems to have turned a corner
in the last few weeks, and is now picking up bass lines off records - good stuff.  Highly
recommended!"  - J. Pumphrey


"Morgan's hands-on approach to teaching music theory for guitar allowed me to apply what I
learned in song writing and in performance."  – J. Fazzari from Tieweb


"In the process of getting my repair work done I talked Morgan into taking me on as a student
to help prepare me for an upcoming classic rock gig.  Since then I discovered he is a great
musician and teacher with a passion for the art. I enjoy our sessions and marvel at how good
his ear is at picking out chords as we have been charting some songs.  He is a true
Renaissance man and good value as well. Thanks Morgan!” -T. Anderson (Bass repair customer)


"Morgan customizes our lessons to what I want to learn, that’s very refreshing and unique.  By
doing this I stay involved and motivated.  I don’t feel like I have to practice, I feel like I want to
practice."  – D. Gatuso


"Morgan is great....from the moment I met him, he came off as a guy who manages to
balance being very chill, but also very professional. You get your work done, you learn your
stuff, but it isn't so rigid that you can't go off topic and learn about something else that
interests you, even though it isn't planned. I guess that's the word that describes it most: 
Balance. There's such a great balance between learning "fun stuff" like chords, songs, and
ear training, and learning "school stuff" like some basic theory into how chords work. And
Morgan really knows how to use what you are interested in learning, and building off of that to
create a fun, strong lesson plan. I'm actually practicing my guitar for the first time in years. :-)"  
- M. Grant


"Morgan has a keen interest in improving his student's guitar playing, he suggests and
guides where it's necessary to make that song flow even smoother." – C. Nguyen


"Morgan will make you feel like a rock superstar before you've even learned how to play a
song."  - K. Johnson


"Guitar Instructor Morgan Henry is a natural professional as an instructor and as a musician. 
In my lesson time with him, I have learned valuable guitar methods and tools that have greatly
enhanced my ability. Morgan is a soft spoken man with the patience of an oyster and the
ability to inspire the desire to learn. Morgan’s obvious true love for music combines with his
years of true life guitar playing experience to make him a valuable learning resource for the
young and the old. Morgan’s gentle, flexible method of teaching will dazzle and entertain you
as you learn. When you arrive, you should have guitar in hand and be ready because an hour
with Morgan passes way fast and you will want more.

-PS. Morgan also does good Guitar Repair at his home workshop. He reworked my Electric
Ax and made it rock and my 12 string sings.