Music lessons are not only fun and rewarding - they also grow your brain!

Guitar playing is FUN, and my teaching style is to find out what you want to play first, and mix formal concepts into your guitar or bass lessons as we go. I have a library of over 3,500 tunes we can draw from, you can bring in your own mp3 player, thumb drive or CD, or we can just find songs you want to learn online. No matter what we end up playing, you will learn:

- the best techniques for you, so your playing sounds polished and competent

- ear training, so you can identify songs you like and figure out how to play them just by listening  

- as much music theory as you want (from the bare minimum to the master class!)

- how to read chord diagrams, tab, and optionally, standard music notation for guitar or bass

I teach all styles of guitar lessons and bass lessons except classical, flamenco & shredding.  Because of my background in bands, I can also teach you everything you need to know to play rhythm guitar, lead guitar, or bass guitar in a band.  Several of my graduates are currently in active bands!

Whatever excites you about guitar or bass is what you should be learning. I love teaching, and guitar lessons and bass lessons are my chance to share my love of music with others. Drop me a line and let's get started crafting your perfect music lessons!

To help structure your guitar lessons or bass lessons, I use the Progressive series of books as well as lots of handouts and two books I have written:


  • Acoustic Guitar - chords, fingerpicking, bass lines, strumming
  • Electric Guitar - Rhythm &  Lead techniques including solos and embellishments
  • Bass Guitar - theory-based bass lines with an emphasis on being able to play by ear
  • FEES:
    $65/hour, weekly, at my location, 
    paid monthly in advance.
    Lincolnia Hills
    Alexandria, VA 22312