I See My Life In Terms Of Music
— Albert Einstein

I bought my first guitar in 1965, got an electric in 1966 and joined my first paying band in 7th grade.  I played guitar and bass in various bands and learned guitar electronics and modifications all through high school and college.  I studied music and recording while at UVA, graduated, and went to work managing a music store.  When not at the store, I was an engineer at Loft Studios, where I also occasionally played session guitar and bass.

During the next 25 years, while still playing guitar and bass and doing sound in bands, I pursued a successful career in high-tech marketing.  After a time, it became unsatisfying, and finally in the summer of 2004, I walked out the door and went full-time, pursuing my talents and passion in music.

If anybody's counting, I have taught classes in transportation, sailing, SAT prep, computer technology, public speaking, and guitar and bass.  I have been in over 30 bands, done sound for two, worked in 3 studios (including my own), played on multiple sessions, and have repaired and modified guitars for 29 years.

I really need to mention that I am the single father of two amazing people, both of whom are musical - one of whom is a singer-songwriter in her own right - Emily Henry.