Custom guitar built on unfinished Epiphone Custom Shop WildKat body, with Fralin pickups and Bigsby


This is my personal "dream guitar."  

It started as a sanded-down Epiphone "Kat" body and neck - no hardware or finish.  Smaller than a 335, bigger than a Les Paul body.

I filled in wood defects and changed the shape of some holes, slimmed the neck, and had it painted white to start my all gold-and-white color scheme.  

My logo was inlaid in abalone in the headstock.  

My plastics supplier custom-made white perloid switch covers and the truss rod cover.


Electronics are:

- Gold Lindy Fralin "Twangmasters" (8000 and 8500 winds), hum-cancelling single-coils in a humbucker form-factor.  Very bright and articulate!

- Gold pickup switch, tone, and two volumes, one of which is push-pull for out-of-phase wiring,

- Shock-protection capacitor to string ground


Gold locking Grover tuners and a handmade bone nut complete the headstock area.

The bridge is a gold roller bridge with adjustable action, string spacing, and intonation.

The Tailpiece is a gold Bigsby B-60 tremolo.

The Gold jack is in a gold football-jackplate.

The pots are held on with gold nuts and washers and capped with Gretch-style gold knobs